Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Missouri Trip

So the second week in July we took a road trip to Missouri for Jayson's sister Kayla's wedding! Airline tickets to Missouri are outrageous ($600 a person...we flew to Hawaii for less!) so we decide to drive! My dad was nice enough to let us borrow his Chrysler 300 to drive out there...it is a really nice car so I was nervous to drive it but it was awesome to ride it luxury! We learned that Missouri is a long way away from Utah...1286 miles on way and a 20 hour drive to be exact! Jayson can't stand to drive to Provo because it is too far so it was a whole new adventure!
The drive out ther wasn't too bad, it went by fairly quickly and 20 hours later we were in Branson, Missouri! We decided to drive straight through rather then spend the money on a hotel so we got to Branson at 6 am! After getting lost once, even with a navigation system, we found our hotel! Of course we couldn't check into our hotel until 3 pm so we went to see Jayson's mom for a bit! It was fun to see her, we haven't seen her since Jayson and I's wedding 4 years ago! After a short visit we were both exhasted to say the least so we went back to the hotel and slept by the pool in the pool chairs until our room was ready!
That night we went to dinner with the fam and then went mini golfing with Jayson's Grandpa Cabe, his wife Cindy and granddaughter Libby! We had a lot of fun...Jayson kicked our butts of course! Branson is a pretty cool place it's beautiful with lots of trees and a lot of fun things to do!
The next day was the wedding! It was a bit humid but it always is in the midwest! The setting was beautiful and so was the wedding! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Parmenter! Jayson, my little photographer took lots of pictures her are just a few of them!


You probably didn't know that Branson is a big spot for celebs! We ran in to a lot of them while we were there and all of them were very nice and willing to let us get some pictures with them! Tom Hanks, Pierce Brosnan, Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp...just to name a few!

JK! We went to the Hollywood wax museum with Jayson's grandpa! I thought it was awesome! Most of them look so life like it is so cool to think they are made out of wax!
On our last day in Branson we went down by one of the lakes in town to a place called The Junction...it was awesome it was beautiful a shoppers heaven! I wish we had known about it sooner in the trip...it might have been a more expensive trip if we had known sooner so maybe its a good thing we didn't know until the last day!

A cool "fog" sits on the water it is really pretty!

Looking out over the lake!

The Junction...shopping, shopping and more shopping!

Dancing fountain at the Junction...and of course my cute husband!

Another fountain at The Junction...what a pretty place!

We had a great trip and it was so fun to see Jayson's family! Hopefully it won't be 4 years this time! The drive home was really really really long but we made it safe and sound!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Celebrating 4 Years of Being Married!

Happy Anniversary to us!
Jayson and I celebrated 4 years of being married on June 30th! What a great but crazy 4 years it has been! Since we meet 6 years ago we have done so much together we've...gone on lots of fun vacations, bought our sweet dog Sasha Bear, gone to a lot of school, had several jobs, moved several times, bought a house, graduated from school, had some surgeries, bought and sold several cars, learned how to put in a yard, made lots of new great friends, learned a lot about each other, and had a lot of fun with each other!
Happy Anniversary Babe!

So as everyone probably knows by know we have been so busy with the yard and work that it was hard to find time to do anything this year for our anniversary but I convinced Jayson to get away for a night and relax and celebrate! So last Saturday night after doing a half day of putting sprinklers in of course (we couldn't not do anything in the yard for an entire day that would be a waste) we went up to The Homestead in Heber for the night! Jayson had never been to Heber and when I ran through there for the Wasatch Back I realized it would be the perfect place for us to go and get away!

Us in front of our cottage! We got an upgrade to a room
with a living room area and a bedroom it was pretty cool!

Relaxing in the room!

Experimenting with the camera...really cool picture!

Jayson relaxing later while he waited
for me to get ready for the day!

My cute husband of the front porch of our room!

Watching the people walk by from the front porch!

Jayson being goofy....shocking!

View from the front porch!

We went to Park City for dinner Saturday night
and found this cool statue so we had to have a picture!

Caught red handed!
Jayson caught me looking under his loin cloth! Jk!

We went swimming the crater at the Homestead!
For those of you who have never been there there is a crater at The Homestead that has a hot pot inside it and you can go swimming in it if you pay to go! The water is 90 degrees so it is nice and warm but the water is 65 feet deep so it's a little scary to swim in it...at least for me! We got so swim and soak for an hour...it was really cool!

Us in front of the Reflection from the Sun coming in the top of the crater!
To top off a great trip on our way home Sunday we went to the outlets in Park City and did some shopping! It was an awesome little trip to get from everything so we could have some fun and relax with each other...the only problem it just went by way too fast and before we knew it we had to come back to reality!