Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Braxton's Delivery and First 5 Days!

Well it has taken me a while but I am finally getting to post about our new little man! He arrived Wednesday July 20 @ 2:03pm! Here are some of the pictures of my labor, the delivery and the first 5 days in little Braxton's life!


We were lucky and were able to get one of the new rooms at U of U hospital...it was very nice! Here I am just chilling...epidural on board and loving labor at this point!

Me and my awesome husband! He was so amazing the whole time...he was always encouraging me and even helped hold my head and one of my legs every time a pushed!

My face says it all! Happy to be have Braxton on his way but starting to get a little nervous about what is coming!

Getting even more nervous as it gets closer!

My cute husband! He is always having fun!

Getting excited for our little man to finally be here!

When I was dilated to an 8 they made Jayson fold up the bed and moved in the delivery cart and turned on the warmer to get ready for little Braxton!

Not the most flattering picture of me! This is me pushing...pushing sure is a lot of work even with an epidural!

Braxton's first picture! I'm glad I didn't see this until after the fact or I would have freaked out and been worried that something was wrong with him!

The nurse handing Braxton to me for the first time! What an amazing feeling seeing your baby for the first time!

My little man laying on his mommy's chest! I was taking it all in and making sure everything was ok with my little angel!

The nurse doing her exam and making sure Braxton was strong and healthy! This nurse was awesome she was so helpful, knowledgeable and so encouraging during the delivery!

So glad Jayson captured his moment, it's amazing how much you love your baby the minute you see them!

Isn't he amazingly perfect! Just look at him!

Mommy and Brax!

Daddy holding his little boy for the first time!

Proud daddy! Aren't my boys so handsome!

Braxton getting his measurements and another exam!

I don't think Brax liked the light on the warming table!

Braxton's first picture after he was all cleaned up! He looks like such a chunk in this picture! My family thought he weighed like 8 1/2-9 lbs when they saw this picture! Jayson went out to show them pictures after he was born before they could see him in person...he must have just been swollen from the delivery cause he is a long skinny dude, not chunky at all!


Mom holding her boy once they moved us to our postpartum room!

Cute picture of my boy! He's still the cutest baby ever...even when he's not happy!

Grandpa Bob and Brax! Such a cute picture!
My family was awesome and stayed the whole time I was in labor and came to visit us lots in the hospital!

Love when he will cuddle like this! He is so tiny!

So precious...look at that cute face!

Mommy and Brax! Mom was gently burping him here...I hated burping him at first cause he is so tiny and I didn't want to hurt him!


Brax in his going home from the hospital outfit! Such a cute outfit...only problem...it is huge on him! We didn't think he would be as little as he was!

Brax up close wearing his going home outfit! I can't believe he took this kind of pacifier...he will only take the green Soothie pacifiers now!

Mom and Brax leaving the hospital! I was so nervous to take him home where there weren't nurses and doctors to answer all my questions and help us!

I really wanted a picture holding Braxton on the way out of the hospital like my mom has of her leaving the hospital holding me but they make you leave with the baby in the car seat now so we couldn't get one!


This is what our house looked like when we turned down our street! My family and our friend Kristina had decorated our house to welcome us home! I secretly had hoped that my family would do this for us so it made me SO happy when I saw our house!

Our house up close...doesn't it look so awesome! My family did all the balloons and 2 signs in the front and Kristina made the sign for our front door!

Isn't this the coolest sign! My family made this for our little man...my family seriously is the best ever! I can't tell you how grateful I am for my amazing mom, dad and sister!

The super cute sign Kristina and her little boy Tray made for us...what great friends they are!


Daddy getting Braxton out of his car seat for the first time at our house! Welcome home little man!

Daddy and Brax's first picture at home! I can't get enough of my boys!

Sasha Bear meets her little brother! She was so cute...she kept smelling and looking at him so curiously!

Sasha Bear still checking out the new little thing in her life! Sasha Bear loves Braxton! She is so protective of him almost like he is her puppy!


-First Nail Clipping-

Daddy carefully cutting Braxton's nails for the first time! I had heard that babies nails are long when they are born but his were sooo long...we needed to cut them his first day at home!

Mission accomplished! Daddy was so good at cutting Brax's tiny little nails! Note Sasha Bear close by protecting her baby!

-First Nap With Dad-

My favorite picture ever! Daddy and Braxton sleeping together on the couch! SO CUTE!

-First "Tummy Time"-

Daddy putting on Braxton's socks while he was doing his first "tummy time"

Our amazing little man rolled from his tummy to his side while he was doing his first "tummy time"

Grandpa, Brax and Sasha Bear! Sasha Bear got as close to him as she possibly could without laying on top of him! My favorite other thing she did was tried to "bury" Braxton...she only buries things that are very important to her like bones and toys.

-First Bath-

Brax didn't like his first bath when we started!

He liked it for a minute...he wasn't so sure but did pretty good!

So little in daddy's hands...still doing pretty good with his bath!

Dad handing mom little man to put him in his towel!

Mom drying little man off!

Our little family after Braxton's first bath!

Sasha Bear following us out of the bathroom...she has to be able to see her baby at all times so she knows he is ok!

My little man in his towel after his first bath...love this picture! Adorable boy!

Braxton about ready to cry while were putting lotion on him after his bath!

I love this saying that we found...we thought it was perfect for Braxton's nursery! It is so cool to think that Braxton's little life is just beginning and so is his story...anything is still possible for him!

Mom nursing Braxton! Sasha making sure things are going well!

Our sweet puppy! Love her so much!

Mom and her babies...baby Braxton and our other baby Sasha Bear! Nursing little Brax!

Burping little Brax...still being careful since out little man is so tiny!

-First Days of '47 Parade-

Going to the Days of '47 parade is a tradition in my family. We go every year and since I was the Days of '47 Queen back in the day I wanted to take Braxton and get a couple pictures! We didn't watch the parade at all just took a few pictures!

Our first family picture in front of the temple!

Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Whitney went to the parade with of us of course! Our first family picture with my family and Braxton!

Braxton's 24th of July outfit! The onesie that Aunt Whitney originally got him was too big so she got him this one! He looked so cute!

-First Homework Session With Dad-

Dad had to do some homework after the parade and mom couldn't get little guy to stop crying so she took him to dad and since Braxton loves his daddy he stopped crying and fell asleep on his arm on his lap!

Dad and Brax doing homework!

Braxton's first 5 days went by so fast...they were some very hard days and nights but they were the most amazing days ever! We love him so much! I am so sad that he is growing up so fast! It is fun to see him grow and change every day but it is going by too fast! It seems just like yesterday that we were headed to the hospital and now my baby is already 29 days old!