Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We accomplished some great things this weekend!

We accoplished some great things this weekend!
My amazing husband graduated from his ICU Internship at the University of Utah Hospital on Thursday! Since nurses can't work in an ICU without experience they have to go through this program in order to work in an ICU. The program only accepts 11 people every year out of 150, so getting in the program proves how great Jayson is! He has been working so hard for the past 6 months to complete the program so that he can work in an ICU and he finished on Thursday! I am so proud of you babe, you are an amazing nurse! He truely is a wonderful nurse, although he won't tell you he is...his patients love to have him as their nurse! Jayson can make someones day better even if they are going through the worst time in their lives!
Jayson getting his diploma from his program director Tracey!

Jayson is so excited to be done!
(Isn't he just do handsome!)

Me and my sweetie outside the Univeristy of Utah ICU!

Me and Jayson outside the Univeristy Hospital...
Jayson started working in the IMCU on Monday!

On Friday and Saturday I ran in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay! I have always wanted to do this and so this year I got my chance! As many people know I had knee surgery in April and was told that I can't run anymore so I almost decided not to the Wasatch Back but in the end I decided that I wasn't going to let another ambition slip away by not doing it, so I did it! I wasn't supposed to run because of my knee, I was going to walk, but I couldn't resist and I ran every mile of every leg and at a very good pace...it felt amazing to run again! I had a great time with my team and got to do the whole thing with my mom!

Jayson helped volunteer at the race as a nurse! He worked at East Canyon from 6pm-1am helping people with injuries and dehydration! I think he had a good time! It worked out awesome because one of my legs started at East canyon at 11:30pm so he was there to watch me start and take pictures of me! He is such a good photographer!

Jayson's First Aid Tent! He spent the whole cold night here saving lives!

Me getting ready for my second leg...
4 miles uphill out of East Canyon!

My first few steps after the exchange at East Canyon!

Headed out on my Midnight run through the mountains!

We finished the Relay at The Canyons Resort in Park City!

At the end of the relay the whole team joins the last runner to cross the finish line together!
My team running to the finish line! My dad, Whit and Jayson were there to cheer us on and take pictures! My dad had made several stops to take pictures of us along the way as well...you're the best dad! (My dad even bought my mom and I roses to congratulate us for finishing...how cute!) Jayson wasn't excited about fighting the traffic to come to the finish line (I don't blame him...it was insane) but he did it for me and was there to see me finish and take these awesome pictures of us finishing! Thanks for being there for me babe!

My mom and I running to the finish...

Finshed and wearing our medals to prove it!

Team picture by the Ragnar Van!

Excited to go home and get some sleep!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!
On Sunday we went up for Sunday bruch at Snowbird Ski Resort! We went up to celebrate Father's Day as well as lot of other accoplishements my family including Jayson and I had made the last few weeks! It was beautiful, relaxing and wonderul food!
Dad and his girls!

My Mom, Whitney and I!

Me amd my cute husband!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wow! A month goes fast!

Well May was a crazy month! We were both busy with work and then when we weren't working we were working in the yard trying to get it ready to trench! So here's an update on what we have been up to and what we have gotten done in the yard!


Well as you all know by now I love Tai Pan and have been a regular customer as of late! My mom and I went again a couple weeks after our first visit and this is what I came home with...

This cute bistro set goes perfect on our front porch!

My mom got us this beautiful picture of the temple
but it is so big we didn't want to hang it so we
decided to get an easel to put it on and
I found the perfect one at Tai Pan!

After we got our rock wall in in front we moved to the back patio! Jayson had the great idea to raise the back patio and line it with big boulders....it looks awesome but it was a lot of work to get them placed! You would have thought that we would have learned our lesson after the rock wall in the front but we didn't!
The truck load we got when we had them delivered left us about 5 rocks short of how many we needed so one Monday after work Jayson went and got the last rocks we needed with our truck since we only needed a few more! Well, it decided to rain that day but Jayson wasn't going to let the rain stop us from getting those rocks in place! So in the rain and mud we placed the last 5 rocks! Jayson didn't mind the rain inside the tractor where he could stay dry but I didn't enjoy the adventure as much outside in the rain and mud moving boulders!

As you can see it had rained pretty hard!

I was COVERED in mud! This picture
doesn't do it justice! Jayson can't say
I'm a girly girl any more!

I have mentioned Addie our friends little girl before...the cutest little girl ever! We got to watch her again this last week while her parents our friends Bryson and Kristen went to dinner for their anniversary...Happy Anniversary Guys! We took some pictures of her this time so everyone could see how cute she is...hope her parents don't mind!

She eats off the wrong end of the fork! So cute!

We got the back patio all ready for cement to be poured which I didn't know was such a task! We had to bring a million loads of dirt in behind the rock to fill it in and then compact each layer with a compactor before we could bring more in! We would dump a load of dirt with the tractor then I shoved the dirt where it needed to be in a thin layer and then Jayson ran the compacter over it! After hours or work we did it and the cement guys said we did an awesome job!

Before Cement

After Cement! Doesn't it look SO good!
(Sasha decided to pose in the picture!)

We were going to go camping for the long weekend but instead we decided that we would stay here and just work super hard on the yard all weekend! Not as much fun as going somewhere but we got a lot done!

If you notice in the pictures above this one we had to take off the stairs to do the back patio so task number one was to get the stairs back on! My stud of a husband did it like it was nothing. He had to cut off 2 stairs and reattach the stairs and railing! I'm so glad that he knew what he was doing cause I didn't know how we were going to make it work but he did and it looks just like a professional came and did it!

Jayson had the vision of garden boxes in part of the yard! As you can tell he has all the great ideas for the yard! So he got some wood from my dad...thanks dad...and built us garden boxes! He made them high enough that we don't have to bend over to weed and he even put shorter areas and higher areas for the different kinds of plants!

Halfway done!

All done! Isn't he so talented!

So our neighbors have been letting us use their tractor to do our yard (Thanks again guys for letting us borrow it!) but they went to San Diego for the weekend so unfortunately we were without a tractor for the weekend so we decided to borrow my dads tiller to till up our dirt (our dirt our here is literally like cement it is so hard) Jayson ran the tiller for hours tilling up the yard and he still has more! The ground is so hard he has to run the tiller over it a million times before it will make a difference! But once he has it tilled it makes a world of a difference!

My cute little farmer tilling up the land!

See those weeds behind him?
That was my job for the day...
a sunburn and sore muscles later most
of the weeds are gone!

My parents came over and helped on Monday! I didn't get a picture of them but they worked so hard and helped so much! They helped weed, build the garden boxes and move the huge pile of dirt we put in the front yard for the cement truck to drive over so it didn't crack out sidewalk! Man a cement truck can pack down some dirt! Thanks so much guys! You're the best!

Jayson's step brother Jason got married on Friday and Jayson was a groomsman! Thursday night we went to the rehearsal dinner...it was good food and we had a lot of fun!

My buff goof ball!

Never a dull moment when Jayson is around...
even when they were doing the rehearsing
of the wedding ceremony Jayson was having fun!

Friday was the big day for Jason and Whitney! Jayson did a super job as a groomsman and we had a good time at the wedding and the reception after!
Jayson with Jason's sister Siera
walking down the isle during the ceremony!
Isn't Jayson so sexy in his tux!

The groomsmen!

Us at the reception! We're still as happy
as we were on our Wedding Day..Love you babe!

The yard is getting so close to being ready to trench! We have almost everything smoothed out and hopefully we can trench next week! It is looking so good! Our hard work is paying off!

It is looking so much better, all smoothed out
and ready to paint for trenching!

Jayson working hard making it nice and smooth!
He is always working so hard even after a long day at work!
That's our month in a nut shell! Work, work, work with a little bit of fun!