Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Monday, September 26, 2011

The next 6 days in little mans life!

The next 6 days in little Braxton's life went by so fast! We had lots of visitors, we had yummy meals from the ward and even more yummy meals from my amazing mom, Brax laid around with mom and dad, and we took a trip to Snowbird for brunch to celebrate Gammy's (my mom's) birthday!

-Braxton's Visitors-

Unfortunately we didn't get pictures with everyone who came but we had lots of great friends stop by! Wade, Tricia and little Davis were the first to come visit! The Westbrooks, The Hillstroms, Brian and The McKee's also all came to see our cute little baby boy!

"Uncle" B with Brax
Brian is one of Jayson's best friends so although
not technically an uncle he is pretty darn close!

Uncle Jason (Jayson's step-brother) holding little Brax

Jason and his wife Whitney with Brax

-July 27, 2011: Brax turned 1 week old!-

I had never had a week go by so fast in my whole life! I couldn't believe that is had already been a week since I had our sweet boy! I was so sad when 2:03 came and I realized that he was already a week old...his little life is already going so fast! I really don't want him to get older and bigger I love having him little!

I wanted to take pictures of Brax as he grows so we can see how much he is growing and changing! The first month we did weekly pictures and now we are doing a picture each month! It is crazy to see how much he changes in so little time!

1 Week Old-he is so tiny!

He is SO stinking cute! I love him so much!
Isn't his onesie so cute! My sister made 15 onesies for me, one for each of the first 4 weeks and then one for every month up to a year old! They turned out so cute! Thanks Whit!

His Week 1 onesie has his name and birthday on his back!
SOOO cute!

-Hanging out with our precious little boy!-

We love to just lay with Brax or even just sit and stare at him! He is so cute and we love him so much that we can't help but just want to cuddle, snuggle, look at, kiss, hold and show our little man how much we love him!

Daddy and Brax laying in bed one morning!

Brax on daddy's lap in bed! Mom and dad just wanted to sit and look at little man after he woke up! He was only 9 days old here!

Mom laying on the floor with Brax!

-July 31st- Brax's first time going to Sunday Brunch at Snowbird!-

My family loves going up to Snowbird Ski Resort for their Sunday brunch, it is amazing food and an amazing atmosphere! We went up this year for my mom's birthday! Brax was only 10 days old but he did awesome! He cried when we first got there but then he ate and slept the rest of the time!

My mom, Whit, me, Jayson and Brax (in the stroller) at Snowbird! Isn't it so pretty up there!

Me and my favorite 2 people in the world!
I love my boys!

The first 5 days in Braxton's life were so amazing and then the next 6 were just as amazing! It is just so wonderful being a mom and having this little gift in our lives! I love him so much and am so grateful to have him in our lives!