Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Monday, February 20, 2012

Braxton's First Vacation Part Three: Universal Studios

On our vacation to Oceanside we went up to LA to Universal Studios! We spent a day looking around, riding rides and eating A LOT! We got the all you can eat all day pass and so we ate yummy food all day and we ate ourselves sick! It was a great day!

Universal Studios has changed a lot from the last tim
e we were there so it was almost like we had never been there! It was kind of a rainy and dreary day but that didn't stop us from riding all the rides even Jurassic Park where you get soaking wet! P.S. My dad couldn't come because he went to Burningham, Alabama for his high school friend Randy's son Jason's wedding. I wish that he had been able to come or that we would have done something else while he was gone...we missed him!
And...ACTION! Cool statue at the entrance to the park!

The girls planning the day!

Brax patiently waiting for mom to decide what to do!

Our sweet baby boy bundled up for the day!

Look at that face!! Brax was such a good boy...he never was fussy, he loved looking around and taking it all in!

More planning! We needed to make sure our plan of attack was just right so we got everything done that we wanted to!

Walking past Cartooniversal!

Since it was Christmas time they had everything decorated for Christmas and even had the Grinch and the Christmas tree lighting in "Whoville"!

Shrek and Fiona! I think Brax liked Fiona...he wouldn't look at the camera just at her!

DA...DA! DA...DA! Quick save Brax before Jaws gets him!

Me and Brax on our walk back up to Upper Universal Lot! Great view!

Mommy and Brax waiting in line for the Universal Back lot Tour!

Grandma, Mom, Brax and Aunt Whit on the Back lot Tour Tram!

Mom and Brax in front of the Universal globe in front of the park! Brax had fallen asleep!

Being goofy! I bet you will never guess who's idea it was to be goofy!

Our little family after a great day at Universal Studios!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Braxton's First Vacation Part Two: San Diego Temple and Oceanside Pier

Our our way back from San Diego we stopped at the San Diego Temple! My family had never seen it in person so we stopped and walked around it! Jayson and I had never seen it at night so it was fun to see it all lit up! They also had a nativity seen set up which was neat, it was not Temple Square Christmas lights but it was very pretty!

Mom and little man in front of the temple!

Me and little man all wrapped up so he didn't get cold!

While there we stayed in a condo in Oceanside. We were only a block from the beach and a few blocks from the Oceanside Pier! One morning we walked out the pier to the diner at the end of the pier! Yummy breakfast, family and beautiful walk out on the pier, doesn't get much better then that!

Our little family on the pier! Little man just chillin'!

Little man and mom on the pier! Doesn't he look so cute in his little bear hat!

Me and my sweetheart! I love my little man!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Braxton's First Vacation Part One: Plane Ride and Sea World

In December we went on a family vacation with my Mom, Dad and sister Whitney! We went to Southern California for a week and a half and had a great time! We stayed in Oceanside California and went to all the different theme parks and sites in the area! It was Braxton's first vacation, his first plane ride, his first time going on rides, and lots of other firsts! Wish we didn't have to come home!


Braxton's first plane ride wasn't as smooth as we had hoped! He did great at first but then about half way through the flight started crying and wouldn't stop! We figure it was because his ears hurt him...despite mom's attempts to have his such on hi
s "sucky" during take off his ears must not have "popped"! At least it was a short flight!

What a cutie he is! Love you little man!

There was an open seat next to us so they let us keep his car seat, he was supposed to be just a "lap infant" but we lucked out and got to bring his seat with us!


The first place we visited was Sea World! Jayson and I have been there a couple times but my family and Brax had never been there! It was a super fun day! It got a little cold at the end but that didn't stop us! We even went to the Atlantis ride that gets you soaking wet! I wanted to go a second time on Atlantis ride, so my sweet dad went on it with me again even though he was freezing cold and wearing shorts! (Everyone else left us and went to get in the warm car) My dad is the best! Love you dad!

Mommy and her baby having fun! I love that it looks like Brax is waving in this picture!

Grandpa and Brax chillin' watching the whales swim!

Grandpa holding little Braxton! Brax loves his Grandpa!

Our little family with Shamu in front of the Sea World Christmas tree!

Daddy and Braxton on the "Sky Ride" over the bay! Mom was so nervous having little man up that high but he had a great time!

More to come on our California Vacation!

Jayson's Bachelor's Degree Graduation!

Jayson graduated with his Bachelors Degree in Nursing in December! He has worked so hard to achieve this goal! He is the first in his family since his grandpa to receive a college degree and did is all while working full time and supporting himself! Me, Brax and my awesome parents were there to celebrate his accomplishment! We are so proud of him!

Jayson walking to receive his diploma!

And he has done it! Jayson walking back to his seat after receiving his diploma!

Jayson and Brax in front of the graduation podium! Congratulations to my awesome hubby!

Daddy and his baby boy!

Jayson, Brax and my amazing parents! They are the best parents ever! They have always supported me with everything and since Jayson and I got married they have been his biggest supporters too! Love you mom and dad!

My 3 favorite boys in the whole world!
My incredible dad, awesome husband and cute baby boy!

Brax's car seat and diaper bag with daddy's diploma...awesome photo op set up by Grandpa Bob!

The graduate putting little man in his seat!

Brax wasn't ready to go home...he didn't want to get back in his car seat!

Braxton's Blessing Day

We blessed Braxton on Nov. 27th! We had close friends and family with us to share his special day! Jayson gave Brax the perfect and most beautiful blessing! Brax had a super cute outfit, he was a good boy, and we had yummy food after! It was a wonderful day!

Little man on his way to his blessing! He was already a little tired! He was such a good boy the whole time!

My little angel and me! I love this little boy SO much!!
Isn't his outfit so cute!!! My mom made his cute outfit, it couldn't have fit him more perfect!

Our little family (minus Sasha Bear)! Love this picture!

Braxton's nick name is Bug-A-Boo so we had a bug cake for his blessing day!

Mommy holding little man!

Grandma helping mom get little man out of his blessing outfit!

Little man didn't want to get out of his blessing outfit! Ok...maybe he was a little tired too!

Little man got so tired he fell asleep right on mom's shoulder...he never does this!

Super tired little man after his big day!