Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Monday, July 18, 2011

So as the day draws near when little Braxton will make his debut in our family I wanted to show everyone how his nursery turned out! We took a ton of pictures along the way of the whole process but since I am not as computer savvy as I thought I was only able to find a few pictures of the process but I guess we got the important ones up...the finished product!
Here are the pics...enjoy!

Our little girl...Sasha Bear! She wasn't much help with the room,
but she was keeping us company in the room all along the way!
She is so cute! I love her!

The room with the all of the white planks placed
and the basics of the built in bench in place!

My cute husband painting! He stayed up all night this night to get the whole room painted! I tried helping but I have to say I am not a good painter! I even tried staying up and keeping him company and I ended up failing at that task and went to bed cause I was so tired! It turned out awesome...Jayson is so talented!

The completed bench and painting done! Ready for the crib!

Didn't the painting and everything turn out so good!
It turned out just the way I had pictured it would!

Jayson putting the crib all together! Isn't he just so cute!
I hope little Braxton is a mini Jayson...personality, looks and all!

Braxton's crib assembled and in place!

Changing table! We just decided to move this from it's original
location in the nursery to a new location on the other side this wall...Jayson was right it does look better here then where we originally had it!

Our super comfortable glider and ottoman...we'll have no problem spending hours in the glider it is so nice and comfy!

Then newest addition to the nursery...the lamp! We found the lamp and it is perfect...it has shelves for cute stuff and a shelf for setting bottles or whatever on! It really adds a little something to the room!

A full view of the glider, ottoman, lamp, diaper genie, and changing table! So excited with how it turned out!

Our built in bench! We weren't sure what to do with this different space in the room so Jayson had the idea of building a bench into the wall! What a brilliant idea! It turned out so cool and it is fun place to sit and so nice place to store things!

I really wanted Braxton's name above his crib so when I told Jayson about it he had a vision of how to make it happen! We went and bought the wood and made the frame behind it together, then painted it and all of the letters, hung the letters on the frame and here is the finished project!
It all came together perfect!

The finished crib with his bedding, name and everything all
ready for him to sleep it when he gets here!


The nursery turned out so perfect and I am very excited for little Braxton to see it and use it! It sure is an exciting yet nerve racking time in our lives! I am so excited for him to get here so we can see him and hold him! I must admit that am also nervous because I hope that he will be healthy and strong and that we will be good parents for the little guy!

At least one thing is for certain though...
he has an awesome dad who built the perfect nursery for him!