Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pineview Trip!

This past weekend we went up to Pineview with my Family and camped for the weekend. It was the first time all summer that Jayson and I had been camping. My parents pulled up their new fifth wheel trailer that they just bought for their upcoming adventures now that they are retired! It is really nice and big enough that all 5 of us could sleep in! It was so nice to have a trailer to sleep in and hangout in. We need to get us one! It had been a hard past week in our lives so we needed to get away and relax! We had a lot of fun fishing, relaxing in the shade, going for walks, hanging out on the beach and eating some awesome dinners made by Jayson the Chef!

Jayson and my dad getting dutch oven ribs and potatoes ready!

Sasha Bear and my mom! Sasha loves her grandma and doesn't want anything to do with me or Jayson when she is around!

My dad cutting up Watermelon...one piece for the bowl one piece for him!

Me attempting to throw the Frisbee behind my back!
It took practice but I can do it now!

My dad playing Frisbee with us!

Jayson getting the briquettes ready...and of course being goofy at the same time!

My stud cooking for us! All the food turned out so good!

Me and my sweetheart...dirty, sunburned, with no makeup having a great time!

My Husband the Chef!

A couple Sundays ago Jayson made some amazing Peach and Raspberry Cobbler for us! He loves to do dutch oven cooking and does cobbler a lot! He is well known for his amazing dutch oven dinners and cobbler, but this time he decided to try a different recipe! It turned out so good! It tasted like heaven and it was like a piece of art to look at in the dutch oven!
The chef at work!

I told you it looked as amazing as it tasted! Isn't it pretty!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our day in the Emergency Room!

Last Thursday while at work Jayson was walking one of his patients to the bathroom when she collapsed! Jayson had to catch her and carry her the rest of the way to the bathroom. Well that night he said he had felt something happen when he caught her and his back hurt but being the tough guy he is he didn't let it stop him and he went back to work the next day. Well when he came home on Friday night he was having a hard time walking cause his back hurt so bad but of course he just thought it would get better....it didn't! By Saturday morning it hurt more, but he still went out and mowed our lawn....really bad idea! After mowing the lawn he came in the house laid down and was in so much pain he couldn't move! We tried having him take some medicine, icing it, stretching , everything we could think of but he still was laying on the floor in so much pain! When he started to cry from the pain we decided it was time to go to the Emergency room! When we got to the ER he was still in a lot of pain but his whole left leg had gone numb! The Doctor said that he needed an MRI to see what had happened! They put us in a room and we waited! Well 2 hours later he went to have his MRI! He came back 5 minutes later and said he had been bumped down the list because they had a trauma...so we waited again! An hour later they took him down and did his MRI! We then waited another 2 hours for the radiologist to read the MRI and the orthopaedic specialist to come talk to us!
So 6 hours later at 11:00pm we found out that Jayson ruptured 2 discs in his spine one pretty bad and one really bad! The orthopaedic specialist said the bad one was one of the worst ruptured discs he has seen! So Jayson can't work for at least 2 weeks and they are going to try steroids for a week and then evaluate again and see if he will need surgery! We are really really really hoping he doesn't!