Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cruising with my family!

This December my parents took us on a cruise for Christmas! We went for 7 days the week before Christmas! We left from Miami and made 4 stops...we stopped in Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan and Grand Cayman! Besides a few rough days as sea and me being a bit sick most of the time we had a super fun time!

The view from our balcony in Miami!

We were on the 10th floor, only 2 floors above us so we were very high!

Our steward would make these cute animals out of our towel every night!

Me and the elephant hanging out!


My goof ball parents smiling for the picture in downtown Cozumel!

Hanging out waiting to decided what to do next!

Day at the beach in Cozumel!

Beautiful beach! The water amazes me how beautiful it is every time!

My hunk in the pretty rain forest plants at port!

My husband the photographer took this amazing picture of this beautiful flower!

At port with another carnival ship...they are amazing ships!

I still can't believe how big the ships are!


The landscape in Belize on our bus ride to the zip line...
it looks like how I would picture Africa!

My sister and I getting ready to go on the zipline!

Me and Jayson after we were done with the zipline!

We were very surprised by the poverty in Belize...
this is what the houses look like throughout the city!

Another example of the poverty ridden houses in Belize!

The above ground cemetery...they do this since they are at sea level

This statue is in the center of the city, interesting statue!

We drove past the LDS church...it was the only clean and well kept part of the city.

They have military checks throughout the city
and military standing on the corners throughout the city.

Little kids headed home from school along the road!

Port in Belize City...we had to be tendered over to the city by boats!

Another view of the port and a tender boat in Belize

On the tender headed back to the ship!


The port in Isla Roatan was really nice, new shops and restaurants!

Christmas Tree in Isla Roatan, the cruise lines had brought
school kid to the port and given them presents for Christmas.
The kids were so grateful for the smallest little toys...it was really humbling!

Pretty tropical plants again!

Me at the resort we went to on Isla Roatan!

Private beach at the resort...so beautiful!

My parents taking a stroll on the beach!

Beautiful water at the resort!

Forest on the beach...the water behind the trees is where
we went snorkeling....the water was pretty rough that
day but it was still fun snorkeling!

Iguanas are everywhere on Isla Roatan!

This monkey was Jayson's favorite part to the trip I think...
he wanted to bring him home with us!

Jayson feeding the monkey! He wasn't scared of people!

Jayson bonding with the monkey!

After Jayson fed him he kept following us!

He decided to come say hi to me too!

I got a little nervous when he started to stick his hand down my shirt!


Welcome sign at the port!

We went swimming with the Stingrays!
Very cool but they certainly are intimidating!
This is the mouth of one of them! My dad got bit by
one while trying to feed them...got a pretty good bit on his arm!

Stingrays...they are scariest when they are just swimming around!

Rum Point on Grand Cayman....had some lunch,
learned that our money isn't worth as much as Cayman money!

On the beach at Rum Point...it started to sprinkle a bit!

Trying to figure out the exchange rate for lunch and tip!

Pirate ship that we tendered past on the way to port!

Neat pirate ship....it was flying the pirate flags and everything!

View of the ship from our last tender back the the ship :-(

It was a great trip....saw so many neat things and got to spend some time with my family! Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful vacation and lots of cool memories!