Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Sunday, November 13, 2011

More family comes to see our sweet little man!

The second week in September Jayson's other side of the family came to visit. His dad Tony and step mom Maureen came from Florida. His aunt Karen, brother Ryan and Grandpa Scopel drove out from Colorado. We had a house full that's for sure but we had a great time!

-Park City-
Everyone arrived on Friday evening and on Saturday we headed up to Park City! We walked on Main Street for a little bit, ate lunch and went to the outlets for a little bit! It was Brax's first time to Park City...I think he likes Park City...he was such a good baby!

Brax and mom at lunch! He was oh so very sleepy most of the day!

Mom, Brax and Grandma Maureen having a great lunch on the patio in Park City!

Everyone at lunch! It was beautiful weather during lunch...as soon as we were done eating it started pouring rain! Jayson and his dad ran to get the cars, people thought they were crazy for running in the rain and his dad wanted to stop but Jayson was so cute, he said, "My baby is back there in the cold rain, I'm not stopping!" Our day was cut short by the rain and we came home early!

On Sunday we headed up to Snowbird for their brunch. Jayson and I really wanted to take these guys up for the brunch that we love. The weather was a bit sketchy when we got there but the clouds cleared and it ended up being a beautiful day!

Everybody but Brax at Snowbird. Brax stayed with my family while we went up for brunch. He was a stinker for my family so it was hard for me to be away from him and making them take care of him.

Me and my hot hubby! Our first picture just us since Brax was born.

Tony and Maureen at brunch!

Me and Jays with Maureen.
Story about the sweatshirt I'm wearing...Jayson's grandpa bought this for me. He was insistent that he by me a sweatshirt when it was cold in Park City and I didn't have a jacket with me. He is so cute, everyone went into the Nike outlet while I was feeding Brax in the car and he had Jayson bring it out to me and surprise me!

-Grandpa Scopel's 80th Birthday-
The day before they got here Grandpa Scopel turned 80! We went to dinner the first night they were here for his birthday and then we had cake and ice cream the next night!

Grandpa with his birthday balloons!
My amazing mom once again was so awesome and got a cake and balloons for me and dropped them off while we were in Park City so the we could surprise Grandpa when we got home! It made his day!

Grandpa's cake from Braxton! Grandpa is so proud to have a great grandson! (Jayson forgot to take a picture so he had already cut it some when I told him to take a picture)

-Everyone Enjoying Their Time With B
Brax sure is a loved little man, there are so many
people that love him. Here are some pictures of everyone holding him while they were here.

Uncle Ryan holding Brax!

Grandpa Tony and Brax!

Jayson made his grandpa try on this hat while we were in Park City and took his picture...it's just a fun picture!

-Grandpa Scopel and Brax-
Braxton is a very special little man for Grandpa Scopel and every time he would hold or talk to Brax he would tell him...so cute! Grandpa is so proud of his great grandson and loves him SO very much!

Great Grandpa Scopel and Brax talking...it was so cute Brax was talking so much and smiling the whole time!

Brax listening to Great Grandma very intently!

Grandpa feeding Brax...every time I would go to feed Brax he would say, "want me to feed him!" He loved feeding him!

Great Grandpa and Brax! So glad grandpa was able to come and spend some time with his great grandson!

Great Grandpa and my sweet boy! He is such a special little boy!

All in all we had a great time while everyone was here! It was fun to have everyone here and I'm so glad Brax got to meet his Grandpa Tony, Grandma Maureen, Great Aunt Karen, Unlce Ryan and most of all Great Grandpa Scopel!