Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best birthday present ever from my dad!

For my birthday in February we had a great time celebrating with my family and just Jayson and I! It was a great birthday I received a lot of amazing gifts from a video camera, clothes, a new purse and tickets to Wicked when it comes in July (I have never been, my mom sister and I are going to go! I will finally get to fit in when people talk about seeing Wicked)!

My favorite gift though was a gift I received from my dad! Years ago, shortly after I was born my dad bought a 22 rifle through his work for me! I have never known that he had this for me until my birthday this year! He has kept it for all these years and has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to give it to me! Well given that he was just diagnosed with cancer and we don't know how long he has he thought it was the perfect time to give it to me for my birthday this year! I can't express how special this gun is and how much I will always treasure it! To know that my dad wanted to get me such a special gift, so long ago, truly shows how much he loves me! I love my dad so incredibly much, he is the most amazing man and dad ever!

My dad and with my gun!

I know you can't see it but it is a beautiful gun!

Dad showing me all the neat little details of my gun!

I couldn't do it so as always....dad could fix it!

Learning how to use it, I will never shoot it because it is so special but he wanted me to know just in case!

I love this picture! It is one of my favorites ever!! It brings up so much emotion every time I see it! I hope my dad always know how much I love him!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brax at 7 months old!

Little man turned 7 months on February 20th! Here are some of the best of his 7 month pictures in his 7 month onesie! He is getting to be such a big boy!

Doesn't that smile just make your day better! He smiles and it seems like everything is better!

Look at that face!

Brax has been sitting since right before he was 6 months old but he still loves the boppy around him!

Mommy and my sweet boy! Love him so much!

He loves the camera! He hears the camera and starts to look for it! He loves the attention!

He is going to be a tall boy...he is already!

He was getting the idea of crawling, he was starting to hold himself up in the position by 7 months!

7 months flew by...my little man is growing up to fast! I can't believe that he is already 8 1/2 months old now as I type this! He gets more and more fun every day though! I love my little boy, he is the sweetest most happy baby!

My Boys!

Jayson and Brax are so fun together! Jayson loves his little man so much and Brax of course loves his daddy! Here are some cute ones of the two of them hanging out having "guy time" together!

Aren't they handsome!

Getting kisses from daddy! I think Brax is the most kissed baby ever...we give him so many kisses all the time!

I came home for lunch one day and this is how I found Jayson and Brax, just chillin' watching some TV!

Brax doesn't l
ike to cuddle very much, he is far too busy, but he will cuddle with dad more then anyone!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

First time eating cereal...Messy!!!

In December when little man was 5 months old we started giving him rice cereal. Here is our first experience with it! It was a little rough and definitely messy!

He wasn't convinced that food should be given on a spoon, he thought it only came in bottle form!

He thought he needed to suck on his "sucky" between every bite!

Trying to help daddy with the spoon!

Opening so big!

Not too messy...yet!

Getting messier...cutest eating baby ever!

Daddy and little man....daddy got to feed him his first cereal!

Things are starting to get quite messy!

Cutest messy face I've ever seen!

He did pretty good with eating cereal for the first time! He got himself and daddy pretty messy but he started getting the hang of things by the end!

Just some cute ones of little man in November and December!

Here are just some cute ones of little man! I am way behind on my blogging so these are from when he was 5-6 months old but I still had to put them on here so everyone could see!

Sitting in the Bumbo! He wasn't a huge fan of the bumbo at this age!

He loves his fingers! They are always in his mouth!

Laying in his pack-in-play for the first time!

Trying to chew on his bunny and his hand!

Sitting in the bumbo again, daddy took this one...notice how he is hanging off the edge ;)

Little man cuddled up with his "snuggy" and bunny in his swing for a nap!

Mom and little man got tired while we were playing!

Getting better at sitting in the Bumbo and starting to like it a little more!

Little man is getting sleeping in his car seat!

I love the expression on his face and love his cute Disneyland outfit that Grandma got him on our trip to California!

I love you little man! I can't believe these pictures were taken almost 3 months ago...he is getting too big too fast!

Braxton's First Christmas

Braxton's first Christmas was so much fun! Of course he was still to little to understand what Christmas is all about but he loved everything about it! He loved opening presents, looking at the colorful lights and of course still loves all of the gifts he got! I loved Christmas even more with Braxton a part of it...Christmas is so fun with a little person!

-Cutest Santa's little helper ever
I love all of his expressions and faces!

-Christmas Eve!-

In my family it is tradition for my mom to give us pajamas on Christmas eve to wear that night and on Christmas morning! Brax got his first pair this year!

Brax opening his first pair of Christmas jammies!

He loved the tissue paper!

Brax's cute jammies, they said "My First Christmas" on them!

-Brax's stocking and 1st Christmas ornament!-

Brax's Christmas Stocking! My mom had it made for him from Pottery Barn! It is perfect and so cute!

Braxton's First Christmas Ornament! I had it made for him, it turned out great!

-Braxton and Po-Po on Christmas morning!-

My dad and Brax love each other so much! Brax doesn't respond to anyone like my dad! He will do things for my dad that he won't do for anyone else! He loves his Po-Po! We just found out that my dad is sick and I just pray that he will be around for so many more of Braxton's Christmas'!

-Grandma and Brax!-

Cute boy with Grandma!

-Braxton, the Christmas tree, and his first Christmas ornament!-

You can't tell from this picture but Braxton loved the Christmas tree!

Grandma, Mom and Brax playing with the ornaments on the tree!

Brax loved touching the tree and playing with the lights and ornaments!

-Braxton opening his first Christmas presents!-

Brax was truly spoiled by my family for Christmas! Here he is with just a couple of his presents!

Mommy helping Brax pull the wrapping paper off his first present ever!

Brax loved his singing doggy immediately and still does!

Brax reading his fire truck book! He also loved this, we have read it about a million times since Christmas!

Mommy and my baby boy!

Sasha Bear! Our other baby! Brax started noticing her on Christmas and started laughing and smiling every time he saw her! He loves her, she isn't so sure about him though!

-Braxton and his basketball-
Po-Po gave Brax his first basketball, softball and football for Christmas! Po-Po of course is so excited for Brax to play sports especially basketball so he wanted to be the one to get him his first balls for his sports!

Brax loves his basketball!

He also loves trying to put his basketball in his mouth!

Look at how much fun he is having!

His basketball is one of his favorite toys! He loves to watch dad through it in the air and catch it!

-Christmas made little man plum tuckered out!-

Little man fell asleep right on my arm while we were playing games!

Mom and her tired little boy! He is so sweet!

I can't wait for next Christmas with little man...and all the Christmas' to come!