Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Brax at 7 months old!

Little man turned 7 months on February 20th! Here are some of the best of his 7 month pictures in his 7 month onesie! He is getting to be such a big boy!

Doesn't that smile just make your day better! He smiles and it seems like everything is better!

Look at that face!

Brax has been sitting since right before he was 6 months old but he still loves the boppy around him!

Mommy and my sweet boy! Love him so much!

He loves the camera! He hears the camera and starts to look for it! He loves the attention!

He is going to be a tall boy...he is already!

He was getting the idea of crawling, he was starting to hold himself up in the position by 7 months!

7 months flew by...my little man is growing up to fast! I can't believe that he is already 8 1/2 months old now as I type this! He gets more and more fun every day though! I love my little boy, he is the sweetest most happy baby!

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