Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear

Jayson, Kimber, Braxton and Sasha Bear


Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Boys!

Jayson and Brax are so fun together! Jayson loves his little man so much and Brax of course loves his daddy! Here are some cute ones of the two of them hanging out having "guy time" together!

Aren't they handsome!

Getting kisses from daddy! I think Brax is the most kissed baby ever...we give him so many kisses all the time!

I came home for lunch one day and this is how I found Jayson and Brax, just chillin' watching some TV!

Brax doesn't l
ike to cuddle very much, he is far too busy, but he will cuddle with dad more then anyone!

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